Sheri; I bet Fifth Harmony thinks this blog is about them.
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Ok now that I got those last few messages from last night out of the way… Goodmorning everyone!! :)

I'm a Harmonizer and a Mahomie (more Harmonizer) but I think most people don't hate austin, but they hate the idea of Austin and Camila.. Bc Camila is like the baby of the group, she's the one that is full of innocence and, is just Camila! I don't think Austin's a bad guy.. But most harmonizers do, I think, for that reason.

They need to get over. She’s seventeen and she’s gonna date and date whoever she wants to. The sooner they realize the sooner they can deal with it.

My thing with Camaustin is not that they date but it's the fact that if it happens that it would overshadow Fifth Harmony as a group and all the attention would be on Camila and take away from the rest of the girls. I get it austin promoting them could help gain fans but basically what it means is that they will be known mostly as a group who has a member that is dating austin mahone I mean google fifth harmony and Camila and Austin pop out.

Lol Austin Mahone isn’t that famous to overshadow the girls if the girls have success (like we hope they do). And honestly Camila is already put above the rest of the girls in the media anyway so I think that’s why I’m not concerned about it.

I do feel a bit bad that he feels that way but in some way he kind of had to know that was coming I mean yeah pronouncing a name isn't that big but Camila does hate it when people say her name wrong she even rebloged something on here about that And well about the hickey thing those happened after his birthday they are on instagram and everything So yeah hey might be a nice guy and everything but the way he comes off to some people just makes them not like him I dont like him though to be honest

I just don’t find any of that any real reason that he gets the hate the fandom gives him. I can see if he disrespected Camila or like women in general or something but he doesn’t. It doesn’t make sense to me.

as someone who speaks spanish as my first language, pronouncing her name as "camilla" is exactly how I would expect for some who's first language is english to pronounce it. I don't see how that is such a big deal.


Austin is on twitter DMing Harmonizers asking what he did to make us hate him so much. Ya’ll should feel really bad. 

Oh and he apologized for the name thing. He said he probably sounds really white. 

I'm not a fan of Austin but he is definitely bigger than the girls, his commercial plays constantly with that soda thing. And even if he is doing to get Camila's attention it's still giving the girls more buzz so fans need to stop being so booty tickled cause A) Camren is not going to happen and B) Camila is going to date whoever she likes and there's nothing none of you can do about it. Crying cause he can't pronounce Camila -_- It took me months to learn how to say it and I was here from day 1

Yes yes yes! Honestly sometimes when I talk to people in person about the girls I slip up and say Camilla. It’s not a big deal lol. Thank you for being sane, anon

you do know that Fifth Harmony is actually bigger then Austin right and that he only did the 6 second cover to get Camila's attention again after he fucked up and admitted to having hickeys on him after his birthday right? He isn't doing it to give the girls more buzz he's doing it to get Camila into him again after his royal fuck up.

Speculation is all this is. And even if its true still no reason for hate. 

And I love 5H but Austin is bigger than them atm. It may not be by much but he is. He has a single that is #19 on itunes and #56 on Billboard right now. So I think he’s pretty well off on his own right now  

After seeing Austin's friend say "Fifth Harmony is not just Camila." I'm here for Austin and his friends.

Yeah that was nice :)

you want a reason I can give you one. I hate Austin because he says he likes Camila yet can't pronounce her name properly onto of that he says he likes her and all but doesn't make a damn move. He also has the nerve to say he fucking likes her and all yet appears with a shit ton of hickeys on his neck like seriously if he truly liked Camila he wouldn't be have hickey's on his neck and he would try and appear like a gentlemen instead of a teenage boy who just wants the spot light.

LoL it’s Camila’s name not yours. If she had an issue with it she would have addressed it. Pronunciation is not a reason to hate someone. 

Those “hickey” pics… where did they even come from and how old are they. We don’t even know if they’re exclusively dating. You don’t know what type of relationship they have. Again Camila doesn’t care so neither should you. 

He’s been nothing but a gentleman and nice to her and the rest of the girls. Your hate is dumb. 



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If y’all could create your ultimate boy band to go on tour with, who would be in it? +