Sheri; I bet Fifth Harmony thinks this blog is about them.
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sorry i’m late, professor. im disenchanted with the human experience and waking up every morning thrusts me into an instant existential crisis

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Normani Kordei - Colour Palette - Tours. (insp - EVERYONE DOING THIS TBFH WITH YA)

make me choose: anonymous asked - lauren’s jawline or normani’s legs?

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This is Why We’re Friends

This is Why We’re Friends

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My friends on twitter are sucking me into the Vamps and making me ship Jadley lol

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fifth harmony and sixth harmony; Demi lovato

do you hate faking it? i don't watch it but i was thinking of watching it, and was wondering what you thought about it


i hate the idea of it and hell no i’m not watching that trash

i hate that theyre portraying “coming out” and being queer as some sort of positive popularity booster, and yes i know one of the girls realizes she may have feelings for the other but that’s not the point

being gay and coming out isnt glamorous, sure it depends on individual experiences, but in the end all be all, being queer is still largely not accepted in the dominant society. queer people that come out are bullied, harassed, and even kicked out of their houses. queer people are beat and killed for their sexuality.

the real “faking it” is queer people pretending to be straight in order to be safe, aka some what im actually going through right now

let’s not even BEGIN with the stigma against queer women and how queer women’s sexuality are seen as a phase and not legitimate, and yes i know one of the actresses said something about that which is funny because she’s in a show that perpetuates all those things 

i dont even care what happens in the show, because the premise of it is gross. the show bastardizes the real experiences - most of the time painful experiences - of queer people 

that’s all that needs to be said about this trash show. 

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better together

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